Gary Clark Jr. Shares Powerful Video: 'I Don’t Have Any More Words'

By Taylor Fields

June 2, 2020

Gary Clark Jr. shared a powerful, nearly ten-minute-long video on Instagram detailing his thoughts in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, as well as the protests that have been going on across the country.

In the video, he shared, "I feel like every time I walk out of my g****** house, I could die today. I’m a six-foot-four black man. I’m probably some of y’all’s worst nightmare," adding of his own experiences, "If you didn’t know me, I’ve seen you walk across the street at night while I’m standing out front of my hotel smoking. I seen you clutch your s*** on the subway.

The guitarist also talked about what it was like growing up in Texas, and said, "I grew up in Texas with a lot of good old boys. I grew up in Texas with a lot of little country girls. A lot of parties, a lot of hanging out. Met a lot of cousins, a lot of grandmothers. And there were some Bradley’s in there — some m*****f*****s who wear camo and love guns way too much but don’t hunt. Real quiet, kind of strange. I met some Karens, always want to complain, call the cops on somebody, doesn’t want to be racist. 'I don’t want to be racist! Is this racist?' Yup."

Clark even mentioned standing up to an older generation who "say some foul, backwards a** s***, but got some good hearts." He asked, "Those people. I need y’all to talk to y’all’s people. Like for real, talk to those people. What do you gotta lose? You gonna lose a relationship with someone who’s got bad energy? Whose mentality is twisted? Scared to lose that, because of a last name or some s***? What is it? You scared to get cut off? You need those bills paid? What is it? Why don’t y’all stand up to those people?"

Later on in his video, Gary talked about praising the black community for their accomplishments, but becoming silence in cases of police brutality. He explained, "But where are you standing up when we’re lying on the ground? We got knees in our necks. We got guns pointed at us, unarmed. We got our hands up in the air and they shoot us dead. Y’all appreciate us when we’re high and mighty and superstars, but when we need help, you got nothing?"

However, the Grammy-winning musician also explained that he does recognize the allies who are standing with the Black Lives Matter movement and fighting alongside the black community. He concluded by saying, "You got direct access to those people who are f***ing it up for everybody. Talk to them. That’s your family, that’s your demographic, those are your fans, those are your supporters. That loss, man. The loss or the hurt, you’re taught to be a certain way. We gotta stop that now. Talk to your people and raise your children up. Show them love and light so they can return and be beautiful gifts and share with you what they saw in the world, how they were opening and full of love. Let them go out and be a part of the world and work together. That’s how we’ve made it so far. Don’t f*** up the dream for everybody because you can’t say nothing. You don’t get to eat off of us and then leave us to die, or just leave us some scraps. And you’re over there, and let it be known then."

Watch Gary Clark Jr.'s full video above.

Gary Clark, Jr.
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