Rude Woman Hoses Off Child's Chalk Art, Calls It A "Mess"

By Dave Basner

June 5, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, it's been especially difficult for parents to keep their kids entertained. With toy stores, museums, libraries, amusement parks, zoos and most other kid-friendly venues closed, moms and dads have had to be much more creative in how they keep their kids busy. Some have been having their kids play board games or do puzzles, others have been getting their children to read more, and many have been turning to art. One favorite form is chalk, but it turned into a terrible experience for one mom.

It started out well with the mother's little girl creating a masterpiece in the parking lot of the complex where they live. It's clear the child was proud of her efforts because of how loudly she cried when a woman came with a hose and washed it all away. The girl's mom filmed a video of the whole incident, which first shows her daughter absolutely distraught, then pans to the heartless neighbor as she ruthlessly washes away the chalk.

The mom says, "I hope your proud of yourself," and the woman goes on to explain, "We don't want to have to look down at this mess." The mother suggests the woman not look down then, but it fell on deaf ears as the chalk drawing was hosed off.

A friend of a friend of the mom's posted the clip to Reddit with more background information from the mother, who explained that her neighbor doesn't seem to hate chalk art, rather she just has a beef with her daughter. She revealed that the day before, other kids used chalk in the same area and the mean woman did nothing. Also, when the little girl was playing outside, the rude neighbor yelled at her to shut up.

Meanwhile, an anonymous neighbor has since put up notices on the doors of everyone in the community that kids are banned from hanging out in the parking lot. It's not hard to figure out who might have done that.

Photo: YouTube

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