Josh Klinghoffer Recruits Flea And Jack Irons For New Solo Single

By Katrina Nattress

July 2, 2020

2013 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Day 3

Josh Klinghoffer has been keeping himself busy after getting ousted from the Red Hot Chili Peppers when the band decided to reunite with John Frusciante. The guitarist started a solo project under the moniker Pluralone, and recruited RHCP members past and present for his latest single, "Nowhere I Am" — teaming up with bassist Flea and former drummer Jack Irons.

“‘Nowhere I Am’ is one of those songs I feel has a universal message that everyone can understand, then I remember how abstruse I can write sometimes. I swear at some point, it was about something we all feel. Maybe the last verse is a little pompous, writing about walking around Paris in May. As usual, I rely on the chords and melody to carry songs sometimes when the lyrics don’t offer an easy in,” Klinghoffer explained to SPIN. “[The B-side] ‘Directrix’ is a song (and a word) I made up really fast. One of those times you’re just sitting on the floor strumming and the whole thing presents itself straight away. When a song just happens like that, you’d be a fool not to allow it, but then sometimes I can spend lots of time agonizing over it or trying to make it less this or more that. This song always sounded too happy in the verses. I love the choruses, but the verses drove me nuts. At some point, you just have to let go.”

“These songs were 15 and 16 (out of 17) on the list of importance (I guess) from the To Be One With You sessions, but I’m very glad they’re coming out," he added. "Flea plays great bass on ‘Nowhere I Am.'”

"Nowhere I Am" b/w "Directrix" comes out on 7" vinyl July 17 and can be pre-ordered here. Listen to both tracks here.

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