Mom Falls Through Ceiling During Daughter's TikTok

By Dave Basner

September 2, 2020

You never know what you might see on TikTok. There could be a ghostly figure hiding in a video, or an unrecognizable celebrity. Of course, more often than not, you'll see videos of people singing or dancing or lip syncing. Usually those clips are pretty uneventful, but the TikTok one theater major posted of her singing has been viewed over a million times because of what happened in it.

As the woman in it holds her calming notes, her mom makes a cameo - by falling through the ceiling. The video was captioned, "Live footage of my mom telling me to break a leg."

Thankfully, the mom was not injured in the fall. She was in the attic looking for a suitcase to help her daughter move back to college. While up there, she tripped and her foot went right through the ceiling.

The comments on TikTok are almost as good as the video itself with people writing things like:

"Always love the background dancers."

"She really said 'surprise guest star.'"

"The way she didn't scream or make any noises at all I'm ScreAMing.'"

"When you live with strict parents and lock your bedroom door."

"She could've knocked first."

While the daughter is now at college, she did give an update on the status of her room. Her dad tried to close up the hole with duct tape and it didn't work, so it's still there in her ceiling. You can see more here.

Photo: Getty Images

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