UFO Exposed On Google Earth Due To Melting Ice In Antarctica

By Dave Basner

October 13, 2020

The melting polar ice caps are causing many problems, from rising sea levels to extreme weather events to the extinction of certain species and the loss of fresh water for the world. However, they also might have just uncovered proof of extraterrestrial life. That's according to one conspiracy theorist who claims the receding ice has revealed a flying saucer on Google Earth.

YouTuber MrMBB333 was sent the coordinates of the craft by a follower and created a video showing the strange, seemingly perfect circular shape, which is partially obscured by rocks. He states, "This appears to be a 60-foot-wide disc sticking out of the ground apparently being recently revealed by the melting snow and ice. There is the object, it looks like it was intelligently designed."

To support his theory, he alters the colors of the image and proposes that there is an "elevated circle" on the top of the structure.

Commenters are mostly in agreement, with one claiming, "It doesn't look stuck in the ground, it looks like it's hovering," while another added, "The black area under it looks like a shadow and if you look to your left, you will see a light source which looks like it's coming from inside the cave or tunnel."

Skeptics, though, think otherwise, with one stating, "It is just a small pool of water. If you look around at the other features locally you will notice that the other bodies of water also have a similar hue."

See it for yourself here.

Photo: Getty Images

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