Telling Alexa You Pooped Gets A Hilarious Response

By Dave Basner

February 1, 2021

There are over 157 million Alexa devices in homes across America. With that many virtual assistants active in the country, Alexa has probably heard just about every comment possible. While there is no way for the programmers at Amazon have a response for all of those inquiries and commands, they have been able to include some fun ones. Alexa can tell jokes, sing songs, rap, play games, and even make animal sounds, but there's plenty more she does that you might never know about.

One of those things happens if you find yourself feeling a little silly and decide to share with Alexa the exciting news that you pooped. Usually, the virtual assistant doesn't react to certain naughty words and instead makes a "be-boop" sound as she turns off. However, for some reason, she does respond to "Alexa, I pooped," and it's a pretty great response too. If you let her know about your success in the bathroom, she'll say "Congratulations" and applaud your efforts.

It turns out that Alexa doesn't just give you the sarcastic pat on the back for pooping. Tell the virtual assistant "I peed" or even "I farted" and she'll respond with the hearty congratulations as well.

Photo: Getty Images

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