Need A COVID Vaccine? Get Texted To Get One That's About To Expire

By Dave Basner

February 22, 2021

Millions of Americans have been given the COVID vaccine over the past couple of months, but hundreds of millions still need it. The vaccine distribution has been difficult with winter storms and coordination issues, and adding to the challenges is that once unfrozen, the vaccines have a short shelf life. After thawing, the Pfizer vaccine is only good for five days, while the Moderna one lasts for 30. This means that some vaccination centers have been finding themselves with extra doses at the end of the day that will expire and be useless.

However, instead of having them go to waste, a new service will text people nearby who need a vaccine. This will prevent the doses from expiring and it will allow residents to quickly get vaccinated. The site providing this standby list for the vaccine is called

To sign up, you just have to answer some quick questions that help determine your priority group. They include inquiries about your location, profession, health and contact information. The alerts are sent out based on your priority group and when you signed up for the texts. If you do get alerted, you have 15 minutes to confirm you can get the vaccine, and then two hours to head to the provider and receive it. You don't get to choose where you get vaccinated but it will be close to the zip code you entered when you signed up.

As for your second shot, that will be scheduled by the provider following your first dose.

Of course, even if you sign up for the list, you should still sign up for the vaccine through your healthcare provider and/or state website since the vaccine might be available earlier using those means.

Learn more and sign up for here.

Photo: Getty Images

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