Another 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Loses Over Strict Rule

By Emily Lee

April 2, 2021

Not again.

On Wednesday (March 31), yet another contestant on Wheel of Fortune lost the game on a minor technicality. The technicality occurred when the contestant, a man named David, took a shot at completing the puzzle when there were only two letters left to fill. The category was Catch of the Day and the answer consisted of four different fishes. David guessed, "sole, flounder, cod and catfish."

Unfortunately for David, this answer was incorrect because he added the word "and" to his answer. The correct answer would've been "sole, flounder, cod, catfish." The next contestant, a woman named Danielle, was then able to solve the puzzle correctly after David's mistake.

After David lost on a technicality, many viewers took to Twitter to complain about the strict rule. Many viewers feel the rule detracts from the game and should be changed. The frustration comes after a series of similar losses other contestants have experienced on the show.

Back in 2019, a contestant named Kristen was solving a crossword puzzle challenge with the theme "_____ Field." The correct answer was "right, football, left, Sally," however, when Kristen tried to solve the puzzle she said, "right, football, left and Sally." Because she said the word "and" she, too, lost the puzzle, just like David did.

Just last year, a contestant named Alex lost out when solving a puzzle with the correct answer of: Declaring Victory. While attempting to solve the puzzle, Alex said "I'm Declaring Victory." By adding that extra word, Alex unfortunately lost. The next contestant, Amanda, was then able to correctly solve the puzzle by simply saying "Declaring Victory."

What do you think—should Wheel of Fortune change this super strict rule?

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