Scary Video Shows Why You Should Lock Car Doors Right After Getting In

By Dave Basner

April 5, 2021

What's the first thing you do when you get in a car? Maybe you put on your seatbelt or perhaps you adjust the mirrors or the seat. Well after watching a woman's recent TikTok video, you might want to change your habits so that the first thing you do is lock the doors.

The woman, who goes by @esor_gaming on TikTok, shared her story right after it happened and was clearly rattled by it. Before she begins, she states, "This is why you should be locking your car doors the second you get inside."

She goes on to explain that she got in her car to go to work and, because she's made it a habit, locked her doors. When she was ready to leave her parking spot, a car with a woman driver parked behind her. A man approached that woman's car and they both put on masks, so she figured it was an Uber and planned to just wait for them to pull out so she'd have an easier time exiting her spot. Strangely though, the man didn't get in that car, which instead quickly drove away, but as that car was heading off, it stopped next to @esor_gaming's car and the driver started honking a bunch and pointing at her. At first @esor_gaming was confused, but then she turned around and saw that the man was pulling at her car door, trying to get in. She stated, "I just want to say thank you to whoever that woman was, things could have gone so much worse."


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It seems like just the latest in a long line of warnings about similar situations. Recently, someone posted a PSA on TikTok about if you find a water bottle on your car, another person warned about finding "1F" written in snow by her house, and another about if a stranger takes a photo of your dog.

While sometimes these are just urban legends, like the story about how if you find a wire tied to your car door handle you are in danger, in this case, it probably is a good practice to lock the car doors right after getting in.

Photo: Getty Images

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