If A Stranger Takes A Photo Of Your Dog, You Could Be In Danger

By Dave Basner

March 25, 2021

Any dog owner knows that most times you go out for a walk with your pooch, people approach you and ask to either pet your pup or take a photo of it. Well a woman posted on TikTok why you should be very careful about doing that.

Her name is Shey Greyson and in her video, she explained that she was walking her dog at the park when a man approached her and asked if he could take a photo of her pet. She didn't see the harm in it so she gave him permission, but as he was photographing the pooch, she noticed he was holding up her dog's collar strangely. That's when she realized he wasn't taking a picture of the animal, rather he was getting a shot of the tag on the collar, which included Shey's address.

Shey then told the man she didn't feel comfortable with him having the photo of her dog and asked him to delete it. He did and then quickly tried to make an exit and walk away, but Shey wasn't done with him yet. She confronted him to make sure he also removed the pic from his deleted photos album. He claimed not to have one and tried to walk away again but Shey didn't let him without knowing the pic was totally off his phone.


Part 2! I just want to say: women should be allowed to walk outside free from fear & harm, day or night #fyp #safetyprotocol #womensafety #foryou

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She finally convinced him to remove the photo, which, after some finger movements, he said he did, but she wanted proof and asked him to show her. When he refused, she explained she had no intention of going anywhere until she could see the picture was gone. He finally relented and it turned out, he hadn't actually deleted it. At that point, she made him delete it in front of her.

Shey goes on to wonder what would've happened had she not noticed what he was doing when he took the dog pic.

She hopes other women learn from her experience, posting the video with the caption, "I just want to say: woman should be allowed to walk outside free from fear & harm, day or night," and hashtagging it #safetyprotocol and #womensafety.

Photo: Getty Images

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