Wild Security Cam Footage Shows Bobcat Attack Woman, Husband Grab & Toss It

By Dave Basner

April 16, 2021

After 2020, you never really know what each day might bring. That's something one North Carolina couple learned the hard way, and it was all caught on their home security camera.

The video that cam captured shows a man seemingly starting his morning routine in an idyllic suburban neighborhood. He walks out to his car, says good morning to a jogger, rests his coffee on the vehicle's hood, and laments out loud that he needs to clean the car. At that point things go off the rails.

He walks to the back of his car as his wife enters the frame on the other side of the car, with a small pet carrier in her hand. You can hear a strange low yowl and his spouse stops dead in her tracks. The yowl grows in volume until it is an ungodly sound, causing the woman to scream "Oh my god!!!" Then, a bobcat jumps on her, attacking the woman and latching on to her backside while she yells for her husband to run.

She continues to shriek in horror but rather than flee, her heroic husband grabs the wildcat, gets it off of her and holds it away from his body with outstretched arms. He walks into his yard with the animal in his hands yelling, "Oh my god, a bobcat, oh my god," and hurls the creature as far as he can toss it.

The jogger, having passed by earlier, had turned around after hearing the screams and, along with the husband, chases off the bobcat, yelling at it to go away. The man then threatens to shoot the animal as he warns his neighbors to watch out for it.

Warning: This video contains some strong language

Bobcats typically do not go near humans, but sick ones might attack people. If you ever encounter one, your best bet is to make loud noises and back away slowly, much like one jogger did when he ran into a cougar on a trail in Utah. If you run or turn your back on a wildcat, the animal is likely to pounce.

In the video, it is unclear what set off the bobcat, but if there was a domestic cat in the wife's pet carrier, perhaps the bobcat was reacting to it. Authorities told TMZ that the bobcat wound up dying, though they did not note if the man shot it or not. However, the animal did indeed test positive for rabies. There's no word on if the woman suffered any injuries but she likely will be getting some rabies shots.

Photo: Dave Basner

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