10 Slang Words You'll Only Know If You're From Utah

By Ginny Reese

April 21, 2021

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Utah is a pretty cool place to live. The state is filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation and is one of the best states to raise a family.

The state even seems to have its very own language that people outside Utah just don't understand.

Here are 10 local lingo words that only Utahns understand:

Fry Sauce

Think of ketchup mixed with mayonnaise and sometimes a little pickle relish mixed in.

Spaghetti Bowl

This is the network of highway connections that look like a spaghetti bowl when looking from overhead.


This word describes any time someone trips, stumbles, or falls down.


This is used in the place of basically all curse words. A popular phrase is "oh my heck."

Powder Day

This basically excuses any plans you had before to head to the slopes for a day of skiing, or snowboarding.

Pioneer Day

This is an actual state holiday that's pretty close to the celebration that happens on the 4th of July. It commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first wave or Latter-day Saints pioneers into the state.


This refers to basically the entire Salt Lake Valley.


This just means someone is skipping class.


Slots are just canyons, which are pretty normal for Utah residents, but are very cool for everyone else to see.


The rest of the world uses this to describe something that's really cool. But for Utahns, this is the name of their local beer.

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