CHVRCHES Share Dizzying 'He Said She Said' Video

By Katrina Nattress

April 22, 2021

CHVRCHES began teasing their fourth album last year, and though we haven't gotten any details about it yet, the electro-pop trio shared a new single "He Said She Said," along with its dizzying video, this week.

“Like everyone, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect over the past year; to examine experiences I had previously glossed over or deeply buried. I feel like I have spent a lot of my life (personally and professionally) performing the uncomfortable balancing act that is expected of women and it gets more confusing and exhausting the older I get,” singer Lauren Mayberry explained about the song in a lengthy statement. “Be successful but only in the way we want you to be. Speak up for yourself but not so loudly that you steal men’s thunder. Be attractive but only for the benefit of men, and certainly don’t be vain. Strive to be The Hot Sad Girl but don’t actually be sad in a way that’s inconvenient for anyone. Be smart but not smart enough to ask for more than what you’re being given.”

“‘He Said She Said’ is my way of reckoning with things I’ve accepted that I know I shouldn’t have. Things I pretended weren’t damaging to me," she continued. "It was the first song we wrote when we started back up, and the opening line ('He said, You bore me to death') was the first lyric that came out. All the verse lines are tongue-in-cheek or paraphrased versions of things that have actually been said to me by men in my life. Being a woman is f**king exhausting and it felt better to scream it into a pop song than scream it into the void. After the past year, I think we can all relate to feeling like we're losing our minds.”

As for the video, its surreal imagery has a much deeper message. “The revolving door is metaphorical to the circular nature of a manipulative power dynamic, and the looping thoughts that go along with feeling trapped in it," director Scott Kiernan explained. "But this door also represents a film developing tank here: it creates "a picture" through agitation. That agitation can be malevolent, by some controlling, dominating force as in an abusive relationship, or it can be that of a protest - a positive force to reclaim one's agency.”

CHVRCHES new music follows 2018's Love Is Dead. Watch the "He Said She Said" video above.

Photo: Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson


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