Ohio Woman Says 'Alexa Saved My Life' When She Was Ambushed By Bees

By Kelly Fisher

April 29, 2021

Alexa is capable of many commands — and she proved to save someone from a swarm of bees.

Sarah Norton recounted a nearly-deadly experience to Fox 8. While doing yard work on a summer day, she inadvertently disturbed an underground bee hive and collapsed after about seven minutes after being stung by yellow jackets:

“I went into the garage and realized that I had been stung because I felt burning on my legs and on my back…I knew my motor functions were failing fast.”

Norton, who has a rare cell disorder, finally managed to call her husband. But said she “just collapsed” shortly after telling him that something was wrong.

That's where Alexa stepped in.

Norton's husband used the “drop-in” feature to walk her son and her neighbor through live-saving steps. Norton told Fox 8:

“He was able to coach them on getting the EpiPens and how to use the EpiPens…if my husband hadn’t had that quick thinking, I wouldn’t have been here…(The devices are) so much more than just playing music or shopping lists or, you know, in our case I’m here because Alexa saved my life.”

As for the bees, Fox 8 reported Wednesday (April 28) that they shouldn't pose a threat to Norton anymore: a local professor picked up the hives on Norton’s property and aims to use them to make allergy shots to help others who may have severe reactions to bee stings.

Photo: Getty Images

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