Ed Sheeran Joins Courteney Cox To Sing 'Tony Danza' Tribute For Lisa Kudrow

By Paris Close

June 7, 2021

Ed Sheeran was recruited to recreate yet another classic moment from Friends.

On Sunday (June 6), Courteney Cox took to Instagram with a laugh-out-loud tribute that showed her Sheeran, Elton John, and Brandi Carlilepaying tribute to her co-star Lisa Kudrow’s hilarious “Tony Danza” scene from the beloved sitcom.

In the video, Cox sits performs the piano chords to “Tiny Dancer” as John sings alongside her while Sheeran and Carlile perform guitar instruments. Friends fans immediately caught on to the funny moment as a tribute to Kudrow’s character Phoebe Buffay, who famously mistakes the song’s lyrics during a season three episode of the show.

In that episode, Phoebe gives her opinion on the most romantic song ever written. “The one that Elton John wrote for that guy on Who’s the Boss?” she tells Rachel and Ross before singing, “‘Hold me close, Young Tony Danza.’”

"Lisa Kudrow, this one's for you," Sheeran says at the beginning of the clip, which has received over 1.3 million likes on Instagram — and a hilarious reaction from Kudrow herself.

"OK, Ed Sheeran, Courteney Cox, Brandi Carlile and Elton John, that was the most thrilling thing ever. It was so good," Kudrow said in a video. "Technically, it's 'Hold me close, Young Tony Danza,' but what you did was great too. And, including the original song that you wrote, Sir Elton, that was really good too."

Danza, the man behind the gag, also responded to the tribute: "First 'the routine', now this. You’ve made my day once again! I’m honored! @courteneycoxofficial @edsheerandouble @eltonjohn @lisakudrow."

This isn’t the first time Sheeran has joined in on some Friends nostalgia, as he recently joined Cox in recreating an iconic dance scene from the show last week. (Watch it again here.)

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Ed Sheeran

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