Nick Jonas Recalls Childhood Near-Death Experience In New JoBros Memoir

By Paris Close

June 9, 2021

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Nick Jonas opens up about one of his most death-defying childhood memories.

Later this year, the Jonas Brothers will issue their new memoir Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers, which features intimate stories from bandmates and real-life brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas.

In a newly-published excerpt from the book, Nick recalls an insanely daunting story of the daredevil swimming stunt he pulled as a kid.

“My first memory is very revealing: It’s of doing something beyond my years. … I had just turned three, and I decided to go for a swim,” remembers Nick. “There were three problems with this otherwise unremarkable decision. In order of gravity, they were: 1. The gate to the pool was locked. 2. It was winter and the pool was unheated. 3. I didn’t know how to swim.”

Even as a kid, Nick explains he was undeterred by fear: “When I set my mind to something, I don’t let small obstacles like these get in my way.”

“So, I snuck out of our apartment, scaled the fence, and hopped directly into the pool,” Nick continued. “As I felt the water rush around me and the punch of deep coldness against my lungs, I started . . . swimming. I don’t know how I did it. I’d never swum before—or even floated on my own. It just came naturally to me. Propelled by blind confidence, I made it across the length of the pool, hopped out, climbed the fence, and walked back home.”

“So, like Joe’s, my first memory was a near-death experience too,” Nick says. “Except I never had any thought in my mind that this was dangerous. Which probably makes Joe a lot smarter than I.”

Blood, forthcoming from Dey Street Books, releases November 11.

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