Your Dentist Can Tell If You Are Pregnant Just By Looking In Your Mouth

By Dave Basner

June 11, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

By looking in your mouth, your dentist can tell if you have cavities, gum disease or a build-up of plaque, but it turns out they can also see if you are pregnant. While there are many symptoms a woman might exhibit if she's expecting, apparently, there's also a telltale sign in her mouth that a dentist can easily spot.

It's a claim that a fourth year dental student named Sukhmani made on TikTok. In her video she explains that 30 to 50 percent of pregnant patients have pregnancy gingivitis, a condition that causes the gums to become inflamed, tender and prone to bleeding.

In other videos on her TikTok page, Sukhmani describes more things your dentist can tell about you just from the inside of your mouth, like if you have a sinus infection. She states that many people go to their dentist thinking they need a root canal due to pain they are having, but that pain is actually from a sinus infection. She suggested that anyone in that situation bend over and see if the pain increases. If it does, you need a doctor and not a dentist.

You can see more videos from Sukhmani here, or watch her full YouTube vid on pregnancy and oral hygiene here.

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