Here's How You Can Name NASA's Test Dummy Headed To The Moon

By Jason Hall

June 18, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

NASA is seeking assistance in naming its test dummy bound for the moon as part of its upcoming non-human passenger launch.

CNET reports the agency announced a Name the Artemis Moonikin Challenge to decide what the manikin traveling on the Orion spacecraft around the moon as part of its Artemis I mission will be called.

The Orion spacecraft is scheduled to takeoff later this year. The manikin will allow NASA to collect data to compare possible impact on a real human body during similar missions.

NASA has already cut its choices down to eight possible names: Ace, Wargo, Delos, Duhart, Campos, Shackleton, Montgomery, and Rigel, with each having a significance to the agency.

The names will be up for a vote on NASA's social media accounts as part of a bracket-style challenge beginning on June 16, with the final vote set for June 28 and the announcement on June 29.

"The manikin on Artemis I will be equipped with two radiation sensors, and sensors in the seat -- one under the headrest and another behind the seat -- to record acceleration and vibration throughout the mission as Orion travels around the Moon and back to Earth," NASA said statement obtained by CNET on Tuesday (June 15).

NASA will also be sending two model human torsos, which it refers to as "phantoms," "made from materials that mimic human bones, soft tissues and organs of an adult female" on the mission.

The agency plans to send the first woman and first person of color to the moon at some point, but will first need to Artemis I to prove SLS and Orion are capable of completing a safe mission.

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