Can You Guess The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor In California?

By Rebekah Gonzalez

July 15, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 18.

A new study from Instacart determined the most popular ice cream flavors in each state.

"Americans' love for ice cream runs deep, and with thousands of different ice cream options available for purchase through Instacart, we thought it would be fascinating to dig into the data to uncover the most uniquely popular flavors in each state," Instacart's trends expert Laurentia Romaniuk told Travel + Leisure. "It turns out that people across the country have a hankering for vanilla, peanut butter cups, and fudge since 'Moose Tracks' is the top unique flavor in 12 states."

According to the study, 24 states picked ice cream flavors with chocolate as the base as their favorite, and California was one of those states.

The Golden State's favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

Other states also have a love for the flavor. Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming all had Rocky Road as their go-to ice cream choice.

Here are the rest of America's favorite ice cream flavors:

  • Alabama: Moose Tracks
  • Alaska: Green Tea
  • Arkansas: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Colorado: Green Tea
  • Connecticut: Pistachio
  • Delaware: Cherry
  • Florida: Rum Raisin
  • Georgia: Rum Raisin
  • Hawaii: Mango
  • Idaho: Green Tea
  • Illinois: Moose Tracks
  • Indiana: Moose Tracks
  • Iowa: Moose Tracks
  • Kansas: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Kentucky: Chocolate Chip
  • Louisiana: Birthday Cake
  • Maine: Coffee
  • Maryland: Cookie Dough
  • Massachusetts: Coffee
  • Michigan: Moose Tracks
  • Minnesota: Moose Tracks
  • Mississippi: Birthday Cake
  • Missouri: Cookie Dough
  • Montana: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Nebraska: Moose Tracks
  • New Hampshire: Coffee
  • New Jersey: Pistachio
  • New Mexico: Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  • New York: Pistachio
  • North Carolina: Birthday Cake
  • North Dakota: Moose Tracks
  • Ohio: Chocolate Chip
  • Oklahoma: Cookie Dough
  • Oregon: Green Tea
  • Pennsylvania: Mint Chip
  • Rhode Island: Coffee
  • South Carolina: Moose Tracks
  • South Dakota: Birthday Cake
  • Tennessee: Moose Tracks
  • Texas: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Vermont: Coffee
  • Virginia: Birthday Cake
  • Washington: Green Tea
  • Washington, D.C.: Mango
  • West Virginia: Moose Tracks
  • Wisconsin: Moose Tracks
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