WATCH: Man Captures Video Of 'Bigfoot' Crossing Michigan River

By Hannah DeRuyter

July 20, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

A man seems to have captured a bigfoot-like creature on camera crossing Cass River in Michigan.

The video was posted on Youtube by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. In the video, a man says that the clip was sent in by Eddie V from Michigan. Eddie told the organization, "My cousin was kayaking on the Cass River here in Michigan when he took this picture. Not sure what it is, but I have sent it to a few people to see what they say. Some say it's Bigfoot carrying a baby Bigfoot, others say it's Bigfoot carrying a deer."

The figure in the video looks to be carrying something across the river. However, because the video was taped from far away, it is hard to determine exactly what is in 'Bigfoot's' arms.

The organization sets the video at several different speeds and breaks down different frames from the clip to help viewers better decide if it is actually Bigfoot crossing the river.

The video has over 163,000 views, but most of the comments on YouTube are naysayers debunking the theory that sasquatch was in Michigan. Some commenters wrote, "It's a heavyset man with a lot of fishing gear and waders on," and "Looks like a guy in waders crossing the Cass River, a lot of people fish there."

However, on the organization's blog post of the sighting, believers say it is sasquatch and the figure looks to be carrying two baby Bigfoots instead of one. "If you zoom in, it appears it's actually carrying 2 babies of 2 different sizes. ZOOM IT IN AND YOU WILL SEE," one commenter wrote. Another described what he saw as, "Looks like possibly carrying 2 young ones..looks like an arm going around the thigh well as one on the side and shoulder."

Whether it was a man fishing or actually a Bigfoot sighting, the video definitely raised suspicions about sasquatch and his current whereabouts in Michigan.

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