WATCH: Assistant Principal Fends Off Coyote With Stick On Cape Cod

By Jason Hall

August 5, 2021

Ptown Coyote
Photo: Getty Images

A New York City assistant principal's quick-thinking got her out of a dangerous situation during a recent vacation on Cape Cod.

A video shared to CBS Boston showed Marcy Sterlis using a stick to keep a chasing coyote away from her on the beach in Provincetown.

“I was assuming it would react and leave, and it didn’t. And it totally caught me off guard, and it kept coming towards me,” Sterlis told CBS Boston.

The coyote continued to follow her as two fishermen, who shot the video, overheard Sterlis yelling and inched their boat up to eh shore to give her a place to escape.

“I know we had to get her out of there, had to do something. No one else was,” said Bill Kelley, who was on the boat at the time of the incident.

Sterlis managed to get onto the book and was taken to safety.

“I was terrified, and if it weren’t for two fishermen coming to get me, I don’t know what I would have done because they were the only ones there to help me,” she said.

Last summer, a coyote in Provincetown killed a dog and bit a beachgoer, according to CBS Boston.

Wildlife experts believe coyotes continue to pop up on the beach because people are feeding them and they're looking for handouts.

“That animal was responding, so that’s what made me think it has been fed by people. And it’s comfortable approaching people and maybe that’s what’s happening there,” said Dave Wattles of Massachusetts Fish and Game via CBS Boston. advises all individuals who are confronted by coyotes to "make yourself as big as possible, and as loud as possible to scare it."

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