Woman Slept 3 Feet Away From Dead Man For Months Without Realizing It

By Dave Basner

October 18, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Most people are probably pretty sure they would know if they were sleeping next to someone who has died, but it's not always so simple, and one woman who slept three feet away from a deceased person for two months has shared her story about how it can happen.

Reagan Baylee posted a video on TikTok explaining how during the height of the pandemic, she was having some health issues while living in her 250-square-foot apartment in Los Angeles. Reagan was suffering from headaches, nausea and insomnia, but figured it was just her going stir crazy and feeling depressed from the lockdown. However, there was also a "dead fish" smell and an increase of insects in her unit as well. She told the building manager but the manager didn't want to send anyone out due to the pandemic.

After some time and nothing changing, except for Reagan getting used to the smell, she started to worry about her neighbor, however her manager told her she can't just go knocking on doors and bothering people. Reagan's boyfriend came over and started having the same symptoms as her, and since the manager continued to refuse to do anything, Reagan called the police. They did a welfare check on her neighbor, who turned out to be fine, and Reagan wound up getting a notice from the building manager warning her to stop harassing people.


Reply to @emma_young2019 here we go 😅 part 1 of the wildest thing that’s ever happened to me #storytime

♬ original sound - Reagan Baylee

Reagan continued her story in a second video, saying how she was finally able to convince her manager to send a maintenance man over. When he stepped foot near her apartment, he vomited and left, announcing that he was getting the master key because "someone is dead." He didn't come back so, finally feeling validated, Reagan called the police again.

Multiple officers rushed to the building, spoke to Reagan, and then decided to check on her other neighbor. With guns drawn, they announced themselves but it seemed no one was in the apartment. They holstered their weapons and checked the door, which was unlocked. They opened it slightly and, according to Reagan, "thousands" of bugs poured out of the unit, along with the strong odor. They closed the door as officers tore off their masks to throw up. After back-up arrived, they told Reagan to close her door and not come out.

She later learned that her neighbor had indeed died and it was the worst decomposition the police had ever come across. As for Reagan's symptoms, those stemmed from her breathing in the fumes, gasses and toxins that her neighbor's body released through decomposition.


Reply to @reaganbaylee part 2 of the craziest thing that has ever happened to me #storytime

♬ original sound - Reagan Baylee

Reagan went on to answer questions some commenters had, including if she ever learned the cause of death. She revealed that it was not COVID-related, rather the man, who was 74, had a heart attack. As for why no one ever checked on him, he was apparently estranged from his family and the building manager didn't think much about the fact that he wasn't answering his phone.

No word on if the manager ever gave Reagan an apology. You can keep up with her here.

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