Here Are Arizona's Favorite Christmas Cookies

By Ginny Reese

December 22, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

When you think of Christmas cookies, what do you think of? Sugar cookies? Snowball cookies? Christmas fudge? These are all some of the most popular cookies that people across the country have been searching for this holiday season.

USA Today received a list of each state's most-searched Christmas cookies from Google Trends. Google Trends curator Annanya Raghavan told USA Today:

"It was interesting to see how different regions of the U.S. seem to be interested in different types of cookies. The East coast seemed to favor the internationally inspired cookies in Search, while the South seemed to be searching for Christmas flavored treats, and the Midwest was searching for Christmas cookies with alternative ingredients."

According to the list, the most searched Christmas cookie in Arizona is Christmas Cookie Fudge.

Some of the more popular Christmas cookies on the list include:

  • Italian Christmas cookies
  • Keto Christmas cookies
  • Snowball cookies
  • Christmas sugar cookies

Some of the least popular Christmas cookies included:

  • Lemon Christmas cookies
  • Cherry Christmas cookies
  • Swedish Christmas cookies

Click here to check out the full list of each state's most searched Christmas cookie.

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