Elmo Releases Statement After Video Of Him Fighting With A Rock Goes Viral

By Hannah DeRuyter

January 6, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Elmo has released a statement after a video of a scene from Sesame Street went viral.

In a 35 second video posted on Twitter, Elmo is shown getting angry about a rock named Rocco because he wants a particular type of cookie, but Rocco gets first dibs.

The clip is from a 2004 Sesame Street episode titled "Elmo feels he's treated unfairly by Rocco."

In the scene, Elmo asks for an oatmeal raisin cookie because it's his favorite. When he is told by Gabi, played by Desiree Casado, that there are no more, he notices one on the counter and says, "That's okay, Gabi. Elmo will just take this one," but Zoe quickly tells Elmo that that cookie is already claimed.

"No, no, no. Wait, wait, Elmo. Rocco says that he wants the oatmeal raisin cookie," Zoe states. Thus, starting Elmo's rant towards Rocco.

Elmo gets frustrated and begins to yell at Zoe, saying things like, "Rocco?! Rocco's a rock, Zoe. Rocco won't know the difference" and "How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe? Tell Elmo. Rocco doesn't even have a mouth. Rocco is just a rock! Rocco's not alive!"

The tweet was captioned, "There are tears in my eyes y'all my stomach hurting." The viral clip has been retweeted nearly 80,000 times and has over 415,000 likes.

Elmo wanted to clear the air and make sure everyone knew that he and Zoe were still friends.

"Don't worry everybody! Elmo and Zoe practiced sharing and are still best buds forever! Elmo loves you Zoe! Ha ha ha! Elmo doesn't want to talk about Rocco."

In a later tweet made by Elmo, he asked, "Has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie? Elmo is just curious."

Safe to say, Elmo is not best buds with Rocco quite yet.

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