What's To Blame For The Mysterious Booms Heard Across East Texas?

By Ginny Reese

January 6, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Some mysterious booms had houses shaking last week, reported KETK. Reports from people all across East Texas say that residents experienced several loud explosions, and they want to know why.

No one is sure why the East Texas towns heard the loud booms and felt shaking. There is some speculation, though, like natural gas pipes being worked on and sonic booms from military jets.

Betty Sue Bearden, a resident of Kilgore, said, "The first impression is Texas Eastman blew up."

Sam Reed, a Chandler resident, said:

"We were in our house, me and my kids, and it felt at first like lightning. Like lightning when it strikes next to your house, but we went outside and of course it wasn’t raining or anything. We didn’t see anything and then a few minutes later another big boom that you could hear and also feel."

With no answers in sight, some residents are becoming fearful. Reed said, "Of course it's scary. I have a six and nine-year-old and they are like mom we are being invaded, and I'm like I don't think we are being invaded."

Reports of the booms are showing up all over social media, hopefully leading to a quick explanation.

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