Woman Who Sleeps With Brother For Warmth Accused Of Cheating By Boyfriend

By Dave Basner

February 2, 2022

Some siblings are closer than others, and often there are times when people don't understand their relationship. That was definitely the case for one 20-year-old woman, who, on Reddit, described her relationship with her 26-year-old brother and how her boyfriend reacted to it. In her post, she asks if she is doing anything wrong by sharing a bed with her brother.

She explains that she is a college student at an out-of-state school, living with her boyfriend. Her brother was coming to town and planned to stay with her, arriving early in the morning. The day before, her boyfriend went to his parents' house because his mom was sick, but was aware her brother was coming by, even setting up the guest bed for him. The woman left the door unlocked for her brother, who got in while she was asleep. He asked if he could share her bed because it was cold and she agreed. They fell asleep but were woken a few hours later by her boyfriend's screaming.

Her boyfriend was furious, saying what she is doing is "basically cheating" and asked if she is in an incestuous relationship. He told her "this is absolutely disgusting and mega inappropriate." She pushed back, stating that she and her brother always shared a bed while living at home and that it is 100% platonic. Her boyfriend responded that she and her sibling "were snuggling under the blankets while sleeping." She said, "Yeah, that's what people do when they share a bed and it's cold."

Angry that her boyfriend was "trying to sexualize" her relationship with her brother, she decided to spend the weekend at a hotel with her sibling, telling her boyfriend that he better know how to "manage this irrational jealousy" by the time she returns. She's since gotten back but is still getting the cold shoulder from her boyfriend.

Commenters were a little torn on the issue, but mostly sided with her. One wrote, "I think it's a little weird for adult brother and sister to snuggle, but the boyfriend is definitely the a*****e for throwing a fit and accusing them of incest," while another agreed, "It's even weirder that that's the first place his mind went." A third felt differently, writing, "Yeah I think it’s weird. I honestly wouldn’t share a bed with my brother. One of us could take the couch for the night. Definitely wouldn’t 'snuggle' in bed."

You can read more reactions to her story here.

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