WATCH: Robot Dog Dances With Franklin High School Cheerleaders

By Sarah Tate

February 4, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

You've heard of "the robot" dance move, but have you ever seen a robot showing off its own dance moves? A cheerleading squad at one school in Middle Tennessee teamed up with a robot dog during a recent performance, and the results are wild.

"I was not expecting something like this at all," said Nima Aref, a senior at Franklin High School.

Aref is part of the Franklin High's coding class that had the opportunity to operate the robot after the school got it through a grant, News Channel 5 reports.

"We're the only school in the world who has this dog," he said. "This is Boston Dynamics who made this. They're a bunch of MIT and Harvard graduates. The dog has 20 different cameras and sensors on it, which allows it to see its surroundings, do obstacle detection, and then we're able to control it with our computers."

The "dog," who students have named Cornelius, has already been a hit in the coding class, but they had a unique idea that would introduce it to the rest of the school in a memorable way: having Cornelius dance with the cheerleading team.

They spent a week choreographing Cornelius' routine to make sure everything ran smoothly before its big debut during the halftime show of the Franklin and Centennial game. The night finally came, and the performance went off without a hitch. As the cheerleaders danced for the crowd, Cornelius moved right along with them, and the crowd went wild.

"To see it work was really exciting," said Aref. "I feel like having this opportunity was great."

Check out Cornelius' moves in the video below, shared on the official WCS College, Career and Technical Education program Twitter.

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