Maren Morris Defends Playboy Photos, Claps Back At Critics: 'GET OVER IT'

By Dani Medina

March 19, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Maren Morris has a message for her fans — and haters.

The two-time Academy of Country Music Female Artist of the Year opened up about her experience posing for Playboy in 2019 and what it means to her now in an Instagram post Friday (March 18).

Before I go into the next album era, I did @playboy in 2019 and got a lot of hate at the time, but I’m the proudest that I showed country female sexuality in its realist form here. We are nuanced, we are messy and stretch-marked in the most beautiful way. Don’t sleep on us. We tell your down home stories in the most unflinching, gorgeous lane. Don’t forget it.

Touching on the same topic, Morris also posted an Instagram story clapping back at country music fans who commented on a post. She shared a screenshot of a man's comment that said, "Please dress appropriate." She replied "RESPECT 4 MOM BOOBZ." She captioned the post, "I see this kind of comment a lot on country music accounts at me, soooooo GET OVER IT."

In a repost of the same photo she shared on her Instagram, the "Circles Around This Town" singer said, "letting all the prudes know women in country music own their sexuality too."

She posted the same photo on Twitter, with the caption, "Hey, it’s not “edgy” for women in country music own their sexuality, too. #WAP 😂" A fan replied to the photo saying, "oh god i remember fighting so many trolls in your comments when this first came out. proud of you for standing up for yourself. you deserve to feel good in your skin and show it off however much or little you please." Morris replied, "f*** em. Dolly did it. ✨"

Morris posed for Playboy in 2019, the same year she released her second studio album, GIRL. In a 20-questions interview, the "The Bones" singer opened up about receiving criticism, like being body-shamed, as a female country music artist:

It’s a transitional time. Everyone’s super anxious. A lot of it is the political climate, the culture of social media. Anytime someone is courageous or doesn’t try to blend in, it pisses people off. It’s been like this forever, but we’re much more connected now than we used to be. A lot of hot-button things that seem small explode into something huge.

Playboy also asked Morris if she's concerned how people might react to her being featured in the magazine, to which she replied:

I’m speaking such a loud, noisy concept of what it means to be a woman in the music industry right now. This feels like I’m amplifying a message I’ve been passionate about since the beginning that has intensified in the past year. I feel I’ve already challenged a lot of sexual norms. It’s funny, because it’s not that risqué in the grand scheme of things. Even the cover of GIRL is slightly risqué, but it feels like me—throwback but a little modern. I knew it would piss some people off that I was in a bra top. Doing PLAYBOY has been a really fun challenge. I’m trying to do more things that scare me. Every year I’m trying to peel back my layers emotionally—and I guess physically.
Maren Morris
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