Dove Cameron Debuts Sultry 'Boyfriend' Music Video: Watch

By Yashira C.

April 1, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Dove Cameron, iHeartRadio's newest On The Verge artist, released the sultry new music video for her hit song "Boyfriend" today (March 31.)

Despite only releasing last month, the song has quickly made waves on social media with hundreds of thousands of videos under the TikTok audio. Cameron told People, "There's a lot of imagery in the music video that is very ... playing on the dichotomy of the sexes and the men in the club being all thrashing and maybe even a little bit unaware and in like borderline violence. And then the girls' connection really being the safety and the consistency." She continued, "I wanted this story to be an actual clear love story where it didn't feel male-gazey and it didn't feel objectifying. And it felt like these two powerhouse equal women were finding each other in this world. And there was this magical spark there."

In a statement to iHeartRadio, Cameron said of the song: "My song 'Boyfriend' is about the very universal Queer experience of, for me, especially growing up Queer, I heard so many stories about how the wonderful women in my life, who I absolutely adored and worshiped and thought the world of, were simply not being treated as the Goddesses that they were — I felt they weren't being treated as well as they could be. And they were stressed about boys who were kind of doing the bare minimum or less than the bare minimum. And just that kind of longing of being like, 'Ugh, I could be a better boyfriend than this guy. Like God, how hard can it be?' And just that kind of feeling of worshiping the women around you and wishing that you could treat them the way that they deserve. It's been such a great experience having a Queer anthem that I feel really represents me, and I'm happy. Everybody's been so kind about it."

Watch the video below.

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