Bear Gets Trapped Inside North Carolina Family's Car For 6 Hours

By Sarah Tate

April 11, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A woman in North Carolina couldn't believe what she saw when she stepped outside of her family's home and found a bear in their car.

Ashley McGowin, of Asheville, said her family will see bears in their yard fairly frequently but that they tend to keep to themselves. However, when she let her dogs outside Thursday (April 7) morning and heard them barking, she discovered that a bear had somehow gotten trapped inside their car for six hours, per WRAL.

"I captured [on video] a few moments after the bear punched through the window," said McGowin, who also shared video of the incident with the outlet here.

According to McGowin, the bear panicked while it was trapped in the car, tearing up the inside of the vehicle before ultimately punching through a window. While she is frustrated about the damage to her car, she said she mainly felt sorry for the bear, whose two cubs she saw sitting in the distance.

"I am a little annoyed with the bears, but it was very distressing for me to see the momma bear in distress and suffering inside my car," she said.

After an hours-long ordeal, the bear was finally able to escape the car unharmed, giving the story a happy ending – well, except for the damages to McGowin's car.

"It seemed like she was happy to be reunited with her cubs," she said.

According to the news outlet, McGowin doesn't know how the bear managed to get trapped in her vehicle.

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