Arizona Rideshare Accidentally Becomes Drug Mule

By Ginny Reese

April 12, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A Valley rideshare driver says she was just trying to help out a customer when she accidentally became a drug mule. AZ Family reported that the driver was delivering a wallet for a customer... except the wallet was actually drugs.

Amanda Stroud, the driver, said that she has been driving for Lyft for two years now. She said a Saturday night passenger asked if she could deliver a wallet for her since it would save him money for a return trip. She explained, "A friend left this in my house. Is there any way you can take it to her without taking me with you. I didn’t question him. He sat it in my back seat, and I assumed it was a wallet."

She said that the delivery destination was a gated community where she waited for ten minutes, but one came out for the wallet. That's when she decided to check it out and found that it was a bag of mushrooms.

Stroud said, "I could have gotten pulled over with this in my car, and this could have been turned around me when I didn’t even know it was there. Just now this makes me wonder like, what is really going on? Is this a thing now? This could be the next way for drugs to be transported, and it could be very serious."

Scottsdale Police said it's the first time they have heard of something like this.

Stroud said, "Rethink your decisions. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth putting me in this position. If you want to do this, [it] should be on you, not putting me in the middle of it."

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