Florence + The Machine Give Us All 'Dance Fever' With Album Release Party

By Yashira C.

May 3, 2022

Photo: Ashley Osborn

Florence + The Machine celebrated the upcoming release of their new album Dance Fever tonight (May 2) with an exclusive high-energy iHeartRadio Album Release Party. The event was hosted by Ravey of The Woody Show in Los Angeles. The album release party included performances of the band's new tracks and older fan favorites, as well as a special Q&A.

Dance Fever is set to release on May 13th and will be the band's fifth full-length studio album, following 2018's High As Hope. The album will include 14 new tracks including the previously-released "King," "Heaven Is Here," "My Love" and "Free." It was recorded in London over the course of the pandemic and was produced by Florence, Jack Antonoff, and Dave Bayley of Glass Animals.

Florence + The Machine started off the night playing their new vulnerable track "King" where Florence got to show off her impressive vocal range. The singer then got up close and personal with fans when she sang "What Kind Of Man" from 2015's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Soon enough, the band got the crowd jumping up and down with the fan-favorite track "Ship To Wreck" off the same album. "We're all in love, we're all friends, we're gonna have the best time," proclaimed Florence to the crowd.

After playing another upbeat track off the new album titled "My Love," the band's harp player experienced a mishap but the band handled it gracefully. Florence jokingly asked the crowd, "Does anyone have a pocket harp?" and "What Florence + The Machine song doesn't start with the harp?" The band switched gears to play a song without the harp and landed on "June," a heartfelt acoustic guitar ballad. Florence told the crowd before performing that the song took on a "brand new meaning" for her and asked them to "hold on to each other" in reference to the song's lyrics. Other tracks included on the setlist included "Heaven Is Here," "Hunger," "Free," "Big God," "Cosmic Love" and of course "Dog Days Are Over."

Ravey of The Woody Show then came out to ask Florence questions about the new album. She told the singer that seeing her perform was her "happy place" and fans joyfully agreed, as well as Florence who said it was also her "happy place" to perform. When asked about the meaning behind the new album's title, the singer clarified that it had nothing to do with lockdowns and that there were "many layers" to it. She got the idea because she was fascinated by a dancing plague named choreomania in which people would "dance themselves to death." In her own words, whenever anyone asks she says, "it's kinda about dancing." The singer also opened up about her relationship with the touring cycle and performance, later laughing about how the album would be released on Friday the 13th.

Florence + the Machine
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