This Is The Most Popular Soft Drink In Pennsylvania

By Jason Hall

May 6, 2022

Man pours a fizzy drink.sparkling ice soft drink cola
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Ice Tea is the most popular soft drink in the state of Pennsylvania.

Eat This, Not That compiled a nationwide list ranking each state's most popular soft drink, which Iced Tea as the top choice for Pennsylvania.

"Whether sweet or unsweetened, iced tea is the beverage of choice for those in Pennsylvania," Eat This, Not That wrote.

Here is Eat This, Not That's full list of the most popular soft drink in every state:

  1. Alabama- Dr. Pepper
  2. Alaska- Red Bull
  3. Arizona- Tab
  4. Arkansas- Ginger Ale
  5. California- Cream Soda
  6. Colorado- Sweet Tea
  7. Connecticut- Squirt
  8. Delaware- Dr. Pepper
  9. Florida- Squirt
  10. Georgia- Nehi
  11. Hawaii- Diet Coke
  12. Idaho- Diet Coke
  13. Illinois- Jarritos
  14. Indiana- Sierra Mist
  15. Iowa- Squirt
  16. Kansas- Fanta
  17. Kentucky- Root Beer
  18. Louisiana- Sprite
  19. Maine- Root Beer
  20. Maryland- Jones Soda
  21. Massachusetts- Mountain Dew
  22. Michigan- Slurpees
  23. Minnesota- Orange Soda
  24. Mississippi- Sunkist
  25. Missouri- Faygo
  26. Montana- Pepsi
  27. Nebraska- Sprite
  28. Nevada- Crush
  29. New Hampshire- Diet Coke
  30. New Jersey- Monster Energy
  31. New Mexico- Ginger Ale
  32. New York- Faygo
  33. North Carolina- Root Beer
  34. North Dakota- Coke Zero
  35. Ohio- Faygo
  36. Oklahoma- Cream Soda
  37. Oregon- Dr. Pepper
  38. Pennsylvania- Iced Tea
  39. Rhode Island- Orange Soda
  40. South Carolina- Nehi
  41. South Dakota- Root Beer
  42. Tennessee- Lemonade
  43. Texas- Cream Soda
  44. Utah- Crush
  45. Vermont- Cream Soda
  46. Virginia- Fanta
  47. Washington- Green River Soda
  48. West Virginia- Mountain Dew
  49. Wisconsin- Jolly Good Soda
  50. Wyoming- Coke Zero
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