Jerry Jones Reveals If He'll Ever Sell The Dallas Cowboys —And For How Much

By Dani Medina

May 17, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Everybody has a price — and so does Jerry Jones. But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll get to that point.

In an interview with NBC Sports' Peter King, the Dallas Cowboys owner revealed whether or not he'll ever sell the team which is the most valuable in the NFL by far, according to WFAA.

If Jones were to sell the Dallas Cowboys, he could get anywhere from $8 billion to $8.5 billion. Jones hammered the over on that number, saying it would sell for more than $10 billion. But don't worry Dallas, Jones said he's not even thinking about selling the Cowboys.

"But let me make this very clear. I’ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever," Jones said.

Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium in 1989 for $150 million. It was "the greatest risk I've ever seen an owner take," Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt said, mainly because the team was losing a million dollars a month, NBC Sports reported.

King asked Jones how surprised he is at the value of the team compared to 33 years ago. "Every day, every week, it never ceases to amaze me how the NFL continues to evolve and continues to grow and continues to dominate the (sports) landscape. Every time I think I totally understand it, it still blows me away," Jones said.

The Denver Broncos are about to be sold for about $4.5 billion. Here's a look at other NFL teams that have sold in the past decade and a half, according to WFAA:

  • 2008: Miami Dolphins, $1.1 billion
  • 2010: Los Angeles Rams, $750 million
  • 2012: Jacksonville Jaguars, $770 million
  • 2012: Cleveland Browns, $1 billion
  • 2014: Buffalo Bills, $1.4 billion
  • 2018: Carolina Panthers, $2.275 billion
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