Sadie Sink Shares The Song That 'Can Revive Her From Anything'

By Rebekah Gonzalez

May 31, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Music plays a huge role in the hit sci-fi show Stranger Things and now that the first installment of the final season has hit the streaming service, Netflix talked to Sadie Sink about playing Max and the song that could save her from the show's terrifying new villain.

There are several new characters in Hawkins for Season 4 and one of them is the tentacled villain named Vecna. When asked what song could save her from Venca's thrall, Sink replied with the song "august" by Taylor Swift. "That song honestly can revive me from anything." She also revealed that another one of Swift's songs "The 1" was her number 1 most played song of 2021. The actress famously worked with Swift in her short film "All Too Well" for the song of the same title. Sink was directed by the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter as she played a younger version of Taylor Swift called "Her" opposite Dylan O'Brien.

When asked if there's any connection between her role for Swift and Max in Stranger Things she said, "It’s tricky because they’re such different situations... I put a little bit of myself into both. You’re always going to put a little bit of yourself into whatever character you’re playing,” Sink said. “At the heart of it, they’re both definitely independent.” 

In a recent appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sink revealed that "All Too Well" wasn't her first interaction with Swift. The two actually met backstage at one of Swift's concerts when she was a child and the photo they got is adorable.

To read Sink's full interview with Netflix, click here - but be warned! It contains spoilers for Season 4, Volume 1!

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