Tenacious D Talk 'Tommy' Medley, Timeline For Their Next Album

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

June 9, 2022

Tenacious D's latest medley masterpiece, celebrating The Who's Tommy, arrived Wednesday night with all proceeds from sales of the single going to charity.

Thursday morning (June 9), D co-founders Jack Black and Kyle Gass, joined Q104.3's Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show to talk about the song, the cause they're supporting with it and their upcoming album and touring plans.

Almost a year after issuing a Beatles medley to benefit Doctors Without Borders, Tenacious D has set its sights on a uniquely American problem: wanton gun violence. Funds raised from sales of the Who medley 7" vinyl will be donated to Everytown For Gun Safety.

"We're going with Everytown to get some new gun legislation going 'cause enough is enough with the AR-15s — teenagers running around with AR-15s," Black told the show. "Dude, I remember when I was 18, I was a menace to society because my brain wasn't done [developing].

He continues: "I'm lucky to be alive. I was using the roads in our local neighborhood as like my personal rollercoaster with my Volkswagen bug. It's like, kids are idiots; they shouldn't have weapons of war. It's insane. Push it up a few years. Let's get those brains cooked a little more before we let them play with the big toys."

You can read Everytown For Gun Safety's plan to end gun violence here.

Go here to order the Who Medley 7" vinyl to support Everytown For Gun Safety.

Regarding the Who Medley, Black and Gass say they've been kicking around the idea of a Tommy tribute for years.

The music video, which you can watch via the player above, was directed by Pick of Destiny director Liam Lynch.

"Whenever we have a new record, we always go to Liam first to say, 'Hey, dude, you got any ideas for a music video? 'Cause the kid's batting 1.000, as far as we're concerned," Black says. "He did a humdinger on it. It's like a tribute to the old movie, which ... I'm not a huge fan of the [Tommy] movie. I'm a huge fan of the rock opera by the Who. The movie is kind of weird and hit and miss."

Tenacious D will kick off its 2022 tour June 16. The band has tour dates set for June and September. Get all the live dates here.

Black says the band will have a more ambitious tour booked when the D has a new album ready either "next year or the year after that."

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