Tank Explains New Phase Of His Career, Clowns Ginuwine's Dance Moves & More

By Tony M. Centeno

June 22, 2022

Tank is looking to breakaway from the iconic music career he built for himself in order to succeed in a new space. After launching his new R&B-themed podcast, the famed singer is sharing his thoughts about everything from his last album and his former TGT partner Ginuwine's dance moves.

On Wednesday, June 22, The Breakfast Club released its new interview with Tank and his business partner J Valentine. During their conversation, the 46-year-old musician explained the thought process behind his new podcast R&B Money. He also discussed why he plans to bow out of the artistry side of the music business after his final album.

"I'm done! I'm tired!" Tank said. "No really, I mean I want to move into a different space. I think that if you look at the Dr. Dre's of the world or even Babyface for that matter, those guys had to take a step back in order to build that very important piece and that was the label and helping to bring along the next generation of 'Who's next?' and who's curating our space in terms of R&B... We don't really have nobody."

Throughout the interview, Tank unloads his opinions about a plethora of subjects like the upcoming Verzuz showdown between R&B artists Omarion and Mario, Drake and Beyoncé's recent switch to House music and the Chris Brown/Michael Jackson debate. Towards the end of their conversation, Tank took the opportunity to hilariously clown his former TGT partner Ginuwine's dance moves after a video from one of the "Pony" singer's shows recently went viral.

"The problem with Ginuwine is he just won't do Ginuwine!" Tank said. I'm like 'Yo! You're known for this. Do the damn 'Pony' dance!' Everytime I'm on stage with him and 'Pony' drops, he'll just look at me. I'm like 'do the damn dance!' and he won't do it so I come on stage and I try to do it!"

“So when you see him and it looks like he's moving furniture, it’s because he won’t dance! He won't practice dancing!!” he hollered.

Watch the hilarious clip below and catch the entire interview up top.

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