Texas Mayor Gets Shocking Results After Taking DNA Test

By Ginny Reese

July 5, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Boyd Mayor Rodney Holmes recently found out that his father isn't actually his father after taking a DNA test. Holmes said, "I'd been lied to for 52, 53 years. I’m like, 'what’s going on here? Something’s not right.'"

KENS 5 was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, which helped make the discovery. While he was growing up, he had been told that his father was Ronald Holmes. Turns out, he is not his biological father.

"My entire life I’ve been told, ‘he’s your father.’ And all of a sudden I find out it wasn’t. So that’s when I went and talked to my mom and she gave me the name Dale Lusk," Holmes said.

Army Sergeant Dale Lusk had a short relationship with Holmes' mother before heading to Vietnam. Lusk said, "It's like when you're 70 years old somebody walks in the door and says, 'here's a million dollars."

Holmes even found out he had a half sister. He said, "The main surprise to me was getting the email from my half-sister, Tonna, who I didn’t know existed."

"I’m very blessed by the Lord cause I have a 'Pops' who created me, and I have a 'Dad' who raised me. I thank the Lord every day for both of them," Holmes said.

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