Texas Fast Food Employee Flings Ice Into Customer's Car In Viral Video

By Dani Medina

July 12, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

What started out as an ordinary drive-thru order ended with a cup of ice being flung through a car window for one Texas resident.

Brittany Stevens of Abilene visited Long John Silver's and was taken aback by the employee's response about a "verbal altercation that took place before" she started to record, according to KTAB/KRBC.

Stevens asks the employee, "Do y'all always tell your customers to shut up on the intercom?" The employee, who was identified as Ethan Donald, replied, "Yes, we do." Stevens and Donald go back and forth for over 2 minutes, as seen in the video. Donald justified his actions by expressing his frustration with customers, adding that he hasn't had a day off in two weeks. He also said other employees also tell customers to "shut up."

Stevens asks Donald for a manager on duty and asks for his name, to which he says his name is an elongated version of "Pippi Longstocking." Donald then asked Stevens if she wanted any condiments with her order before Stevens continued to ask him questions.

The customer then reveals she was recording the entire conversation. "OK?" Donald replied. Stevens was heard telling Donald his actions are going to bite him one day, and that's when he threw a cup of ice through the window and into her car. "Oh oh oh," Stevens is heard saying on camera.

The video has since gone viral on social media. Donald's mother shared the following statement, according to KTAB/KRBC:

I would like to get a message to Long John Silver coworkers of Ethan’s and Managers. (Also ALL his past employers as well): Thank you for the opportunity you gave my son to try and work. I’m extremely greatful for each of you. Long John Silvers is a long time fast food restaurant here in Abilene and like SO many struggling to find employees and not over work their current ones. People are struggling with their own issues…mentally, physically, financially, and most importantly emotionally!!! I would like to plea to people to please BE KIND to that person on that headset and at that window. We pay it forward to the car behinds us, and curse and make fun of the people in the building just trying to make it on $10 an hour.

Long John Silver's also issued the following statement:

Long John Silver’s has an unwavering commitment to providing a positive experience for all customers. We sincerely apologize for this incident, as it does not reflect our standard of customer service. We are aware of this issue and are taking the necessary steps to resolve it. We’ve reached out to the customer and are working to make things right.

Stevens said the incident was reported to police, but she does not wish to press charges. Police are treating this incident as a civil matter. Donald quit Long John Silver's soon after the incident, his mother said.

According to KTAB/KRBC, Donald has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder where an individual can have difficulties in social settings.

You can watch the video below:

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