This Is The Most Famous Celebrity From Massachusetts

By Jason Hall

July 26, 2022

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Mark Wahlberg is being credited as the most famous celebrity from the state of Massachusetts. put together a list of the most famous celebrities from every state, which included the Dorchester actor as Massachusetts' top choice.

"With his brother’s help (Donnie [Wahlberg] was a member of New Kids on the Block), Walhberg started a new career as a popular bad-boy rapper and model," Family Minded's Liz Sinclair wrote. "He switched to acting and began to take on a range of roles, from comedy to thrillers, in movies such as Three Kings, The Perfect Storm (for which he could use his native Boston accent), Planet of the Apes and I Heart Huckabees.'

"Wahlberg also has produced popular TV series such as Boardwalk Empire and Entourage."

Here is FamilyMinded's full list of the most famous celebrities from every state:

  1. Alabama- Octavia Spencer
  2. Alaska- Jewel
  3. Arizona- Emma Stone
  4. Arkansas- Billy Bob Thornton
  5. California- Kim Kardashian
  6. Colorado- Tim Allen
  7. Connecticut- Seth MacFarlane
  8. Delaware- Ryan Phillippe
  9. Florida- Ariana Grande
  10. Georgia- Dakota Fanning
  11. Hawaii- Jason Momoa
  12. Idaho- Aaron Paul
  13. Illinois- Melissa McCarthy
  14. Indiana- Brendan Fraser
  15. Iowa- Ashton Kutcher
  16. Kansas- Janelle Monáe
  17. Kentucky- Jennifer Lawrence
  18. Louisiana- Reese Witherspoon
  19. Maine- Patrick Dempsey
  20. Maryland- Anna Faris
  21. Massachusetts- Mark Wahlberg
  22. Michigan- Michael Moore
  23. Minnesota- Garrison Keilor
  24. Mississippi- Oprah Winfrey
  25. Missouri- Jon Hamm
  26. Montana- Michelle Williams
  27. Nebraska- Hilary Swank
  28. Nevada- Matthew Gray Gubler
  29. New Hampshire- John Irving
  30. New Jersey- Bruce Springsteen
  31. New Mexico- Neil Patrick Harris
  32. New York- Jerry Seinfeld
  33. North Carolina- Evan Rachel Wood
  34. North Dakota- Josh Duhamel
  35. Ohio- Halle Berry
  36. Oklahoma- Ron Howard
  37. Oregon- Ty Burrell
  38. Pennsylvania- Will Smith
  39. Rhode Island- Cormac McCarthy
  40. South Carolina- Viola Davis
  41. South Dakota- Tom Brokaw
  42. Tennessee- Dolly Parton
  43. Texas- Beyoncé Knowles
  44. Utah- Robert Redford
  45. Vermont- Zosia Mamet
  46. Virginia- Sandra Bullock
  47. Washington- Rainn Wilson
  48. West Virginia- Chris Sarandon
  49. Wisconsin- Mark Ruffalo
  50. Wyoming- Matthew Fox
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