This Is The Most Famous TV Show Set In Arizona

By Ginny Reese

July 27, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Some television shows, like The Office and Friends really pay homage to the states and cities that they are set in. In fact, it's now hard to think of Scranton, Pennsylvania without thinking of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and the characters in The Office.

But not all shows really showcase where they are set. For example, Riverdale is a fictional city that is set somewhere in the northeast United States, but the exact location isn't really ever talked about.

Some states are known for certain television shows, and boast being the home of fictional characters.

So what is the most famous tv show set in Arizona?

According to Insider, it's Medium. The website explains:

"Patricia Arquette plays Allison DuBois, a woman trying to balance raising three daughters with working as a medium for the Phoenix District Attorney's office. DuBois has the ability to communicate with the dead, foresee future events, and witness past ones in her dreams. 
Arquette won an Emmy for her role and the show received a total of 33 award nominations. Jake Weber, Miguel Sandoval, Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, and David Cubitt rounded out the rest of the regular cast. "

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