Why Don't We Fan Breaks Into Daniel Seavey's Home, Sleeps In His Bed

By Rebekah Gonzalez

August 1, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A fan of Why Don't We member Daniel Seavey broke into his house and slept in his bed, according to a report from TMZ. On Wednesday night (July 27th) the 23-year-old broke into the singer's Los Angeles home. Surveillance footage shows the woman waiting outside his front door holding flowers. It seems like she was there to see him but once she realized he wasn't home, she climbed through an unlocked window and got inside.

According to TMZ, a source close to Seavey said the woman rummaged through his closet and put on a "Free Hoover" hoodie he got from a Drake and Kanye West show back in December. After that, the woman got into his bed and fell asleep. The woman then woke up the next morning and made her way to the kitchen where she is seen on video rummaging through his cabinets, listening to "Can I Get It" by Adele.

When Seavey checked his phone on Thursday morning, he saw surveillance video of the woman in his cabinets and immediately called the police. Law enforcement arrived and took the woman into custody. TMZ reports she was placed on a psych hold.

The woman also informed cops she had recently noticed the tattoo on Seavey's arm, which shows a person climbing into an open window, and that inspired her to visit the singer as she believed they were meant to be together.

So far, TMZ reports no criminal charges have been filed.

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