Kathy Hilton Mistakes Lizzo For 'Precious' Actress Gabourey Sidibe

By Rebekah Gonzalez

August 11, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Kathy Hilton is going viral on Twitter after she made an awkward mistake during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. On Wednesday (August 12th) night's show, the 63-year-old played a game called "Will Kathy Know Them?" in which Cohen showed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star a photo of a celebrity and asks her to identify them by name.

When the screen showed a photo of Lizzo, Hilton took a pause before saying, "I feel like I do." However, she didn't. She really didn't. "Precious?" Hilton blurted out after a few seconds. The studio audience burst into laughter before Cohen corrected her. Hilton was referring to Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe who played the titular role of Precious in the 2009 film.

The other guest and Hilton's RHOBH co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff eased the tension by chiming in, "She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious.” Hilton may have spared herself from Twitter backlash but she tried to play off the mix-up by claiming, "That’s what I call her! Her nickname is ‘Precious,’ to me.”

People on social media slammed her for the subtle racism behind the mistake. “Well, there it is. Kathy pretty much confirmed how she sees the world. She sees people who don’t like her all the same. She can’t distinguish one person from another. And that’s a problem. It explains a lot. And none of it good,” one Twitter user wrote via Page Six. While that comment is a bit bombastic, it is important to mention that mixups like that don't happen to white, skinny women in the entertainment industry.

While you're here, check out Lizzo's latest album Special below.

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