Couple Thought They Won $360 From Lottery, Actually Scored $360,000

By Zuri Anderson

August 16, 2022

Yes!! We've won!
Photo: Getty Images

A Seattle-area couple got a big surprise after they misread their earnings from a winning lottery ticket, according to KOMO.

The Lynnwood couple purchased a winning HIT 5 ticket in July, thinking they won $360. When the husband dropped by their local Fred Meyer to cash it out, the cashier told them they couldn't cash it since they can only give out winnings up to $600.

It turns out that ticket wasn't worth $360. The couple actually won $360,000.

The realization shocked the man so much that the employee asked him if he needed to take a seat, according to a news release from Washington Lottery.

“No, I need to go cash this,” he says before running out the Fred Meyer to call his wife and head over to the closest lottery office.

Reporters say the couple signed a $10,000 check for their son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting their first child. The rest of the money is going into the winners' savings for their retirement fund.

If you think you're a lucky winner, make sure you check out Washington Lottery's page on unclaimed prizes. Some of these prizes are expiring before the end of the year.

You can read the story of another fortunate couple who became multimillionaires from one lottery win.

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