Video Shows Terrifying Moment Cessna Nearly Crashes Into Boeing 757

By Jason Hall

September 6, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A video shared online shows a terrifying moment in which a single-engine Cessna nearly collided with a Delta Boeing 757 plane last month.

The situation took place on August 17 when the small Cessna jet and the 500-foot Boeing plane were both flying over Orlando International Airport.

Pilot Malik Clarke, who recently recounted the close call with ABC News, shared a video from the view of the Cessna plane, which shows a nearby Delta Boeing 757 ascending within a terrifyingly close proximity.

"This happened to me and two of my friends that I was flying with two days ago (08/17/2022)," Clarke tweeted. "Controllers in Orlando Intl MCO gave me and another Delta Airlines pilot initial headings that would make us converge after takeoff."

Clarke also shared a flight tracker graphic that appears to show the planes taking off from opposite ends of the airport before coming within each other's flight patterns.

"We took off from 36L and Delta took off from 35L on the other side of the airport," Clarke tweeted. "You can see where our flight paths intersect."

The Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation into the incident, which found that the planes were within three-tenths of a mile horizontally and 500 feet vertically.

"We thought it had landed because we thought there's no way air traffic controllers would, you know, put us in a situation like that," Clarke told ABC News.

"I knew that this didn't look right," he added. "So immediately I turned right, and I climbed as deeply as I could because the Boeing 757 from Delta has a much higher climb rate than the aircraft that I was flying."

Delta had previously confirmed it was "aware" of reports regarding the incident and said, "Nothing is more important than safety" via ABC News.

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