Coyote Hides Behind Toilet In Ohio Home While Family Uses Bathroom

By Logan DeLoye

September 9, 2022

Coyote Stare
Photo: Getty Images

A Southern Ohio family was loading items into their car for a trip when something entirely unexpected happened. According to the Trenton Police Department, while the family was packing the vacation items into their car, a coyote meandered through their open front door. The coyote quickly founds its way into the bathroom where it hid behind the toilet. The police department mentioned that a few members of the family even used the toilet before noticing the coyote.

"The caller reported an animal in the first floor bathroom of the residence and did not want to get close. Upon our arrival, an adult coyote was found hiding behind the commode. The coyote had entered the residence through an open front door an hour prior as the family were loading items into vehicles for a trip. The animal was also present in the small restroom during its use by the family that morning unbeknownst to them. Officers are able to safely remove the coyote and release him back to nature unharmed. As a reminder, our city is surrounded by rural/agricultural areas that these animals call home. Please keep small pets and animals in mind during the evening hours, and please report any suspicious activity to our office," the Trenton Police Department's Facebook post read.

When police arrived on scene they were able to safely bring the coyote back to its natural habitat, and none of the family members were harmed. The police department recommended keeping a watchful eye on children and pets if they are to be outside during the afternoon hours, especially if you live in the country.

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