Aaron Carter Checks Into Rehab After Losing Custody Of 10-Month-Old Son

By Sarah Tate

September 14, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Carter revealed he is undergoing treatment at a rehab facility to regain custody of his 10-month-old son, Prince.

The 34-year-old singer spoke to The Sun alongside fiancée Melanie Martin, claiming he has been voluntarily attending an outpatient rehabilitation program so he can get custody of their son, whom the on again-off again couple welcomed in November 2021. A court order mandated that Martin's mother has custody of Prince following concerns about domestic violence and drug use.

According to Carter, his stint at the rehab facility isn't court ordered and he hasn't relapsed; rather he is attending the program because he wants his son back and to better deal with his "triggers."

"It's an abstinence program and I work with an individual counselor," he said, adding some of the classes he has taken since checking in. "I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things."

The "I Want Candy" singer has previously sparked concern over Instagram Live video where many believed he was under the influence, but he denied the claims and instead blamed his affect on being tired.

"There [have] been many times where, because I have insomnia, I'll take my medication for sleep and then I'll go on a livestream, and I'll get really sleepy," he said, adding, "I should be going to sleep but sometimes I'll stay up a little later that I should."

Carter also denied being addicted to prescription drugs, saying that his fifth rehab stint is to help him stop smoking weed. He does, however, take Xanax as part of a "regimented medication" plan to keep him "clean from huffing dust," per Page Six.

A custody court hearing is reportedly scheduled sometime this month. Until then, Carter and Martin are focused on working through issues in order to take care of their son.

"Right now, both of our priorities are putting our issues to the side and trying to build a new and better foundation for our child," he said.

Aaron Carter
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