This Is The Best Traditional Restaurant In Minnesota

By Logan DeLoye

September 14, 2022

Strawberry Milkshake with a Burger and Fries
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Food is a great representation of culture and history. Sit-down restaurants that serve traditional foods can tell you a lot about which crops are most popularly grown, and which ingredients are most commonly used to perfect dishes of various ethnicities that originated in your region. If anything, traditional restaurants can be used to associate each state with specific cuisine. For example, the South has always been known for soul food plates, while the Northeast is famous for seafood dishes.

According to a list complied by Reader's Digest, the most popular traditional restaurant in Minnesota is Matt's Bar & Grill located in Minneapolis.

Here is what Reader's Digest had to say about the food served at Matt's:

"Now a Minneapolis landmark, Matt’s Bar & Grill quickly became an institution after opening in 1954. As the story goes, a customer asked founder Matt Bristol to customize a burger with a slice of cheese sandwiched between two beef patties. Bristol exclaimed, “That’s one juicy Lucy.” Today, the burger joint is known for its Jucy Lucy (somewhere along the way, the “i” was dropped), a juicy burger oozing with cheese. If you find it on other menus spelled correctly, you’re not getting the real deal, according to Bristol, who continues a friendly burger battle with the nearby 5-8 Club, which also lays claim to the famous molten burger."
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