This Is The Best Traditional Restaurant In Michigan

By Logan DeLoye

September 15, 2022

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Food is a great representation of culture and history. Sit-down restaurants that serve traditional foods can tell you a lot about which crops are most popularly grown, and which ingredients are most commonly used to perfect dishes of various ethnicities that originated in your region. If anything, traditional restaurants can be used to associate each state with specific cuisine. For example, the South has always been known for soul food plates, while the Northeast is famous for seafood dishes.

According to a list complied by Reader's Digest, the most popular traditional restaurant in Michigan is Zingerman's Roadhouse located in Ann Arbor.

Here is what Reader's Digest had to say about the food served at Zingerman's Steakhouse:

"When Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig founded their flagship Jewish deli in 1982, they launched a food family that would soon go beyond one of the state’s best delis. Forty years and 10 businesses later, they also lay claim to one of the best traditional restaurants too: Zingerman’s Roadhouse. The seventh Zingerman’s brand serves traditional, full-flavored dishes from breakfast through dinner. During the summer months, indulge in signature recipes like creamy mac and cheese and tender pit-smoked barbecue in the Roadhouse Park just outside the restaurant."
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