Two New California Restaurants Rated Best In America

By Logan DeLoye

September 15, 2022

Interior of a fancy restaurant
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New restaurants open across the Golden State every single day, each offering a special look into the culture of the region. Some offer wine as the main attraction, while others feature ethnic fusion meals. Regardless of the cuisine that is served, these new restaurants will soon be known for one thing: being the best.

According to a list compiled by Bon Appetit, the best new restaurants in California are Daytrip in Oakland, and Yangban Society in Los Angeles. Not only were these two staples ranked as the best in California, but they also ranked as some of the best in America.

Here is what Bon Appetit had to say about the best new restaurants in California:


"It’s easy to look right past another trendy wine bar selling cloudy pours of natural wine and a few bites of food on the side. But skipping Daytrip, in Oakland, would be a big mistake. This bright restaurant with a disco ball glimmering in the middle of the dining room is more like a jubilant dinner party than a wine bar (though all the wines are excellent and fun to drink)."

Yangban Society:

"When Katianna and John Hong decided to open Yangban Society, their Downtown LA Korean American restaurant-slash-superette, the chef-couple knew that they wanted a place that allowed them, first and foremost, to explore. It would be a place where they could express their shared Korean American identities for one, but also the Jewish American heritage of Katianna’s adoptive father."
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